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The Govnah

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The ‘Govnah’ – Modular Regulated Gas Blocks

MicroMOA is proud to introduce a new innovative line of regulated gas blocks for civilian, military and law enforcement users of the AR15, M16 and M4 weapon system platforms.

The Govnah modular gas block is now patented.  US Patent Number 8,596,185.

Features of the Govnah Gas Regulation System

No other regulated gas block on the market can claim all of the following features:

  • Modular – gas regulator can be changed by end user, for different barrel lengths/calibers
  • No special tools – use a bullet to change position, you just push the tip of a bullet on the regulator plate (As seen in the 3rd picture above).  You do NOT push on the leg of the spring to change position.  You only do that when swapping regulators.  (Not something you would do in the field).
  • 2 or 3 position available, typically 2 position is for suppressed/unsuppressed, 3 position can be off/suppressed/full or optimal/suppressed/adverse (3 position is currently only available as a custom plate see Specs page for more info).
  • Regulation is done by actual port sizes so you know exactly how big the gas port is – no guesswork. This also means that you can quickly verify if the regulator port is getting worn out by inserting a drill bit or gage pin into the gas port of the regulator plate. The regulator plates are harder/tougher than the barrels themselves and will most likely outlast your barrel but are easily replaceable in the case of wear* or for different configurations. See Installation page for more info. *If you do ‘wear’ out a plate we will replace it at no charge (you would have to send your old plate in for examination so we can see if it was truly firing wear and not by drilling / tampering).  We have not been able to wear out a plate doing over 2,000 rounds of full auto fire running 45 round mag dumps of corrosive, abrasive 5.45 out of an 8″ barrel. See this link for more details on that testing.
  • Uses standard UNMODIFIED gas tubes
  • Works with most rail systems with no modifications (as small as 1.22” ID for 2 position or 1.365″ ID for 3 position). Rail needs a hole or slot where the bullet needs to pass through. Basically, if you can touch the gas block with a bullet, the Govnah will most likely work for your rail system.
    See Pics page for some customer pics showing the Govnah installed with various rail systems.
  • Also works with gas piston conversion kits that replace standard gas tubes

Please check out our VIDEOS and SPECS pages for more information.

Active duty LE or Military, please contact us BEFORE ordering for a 10% discount with your ID.

Not sure what to order or don’t see the configuration you want? Please look at the Specs page for more details. Basically a custom plate can handle any (yes 300BLK and .308) configuration you need as long as you have a .750″ gas block seat diameter.

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Individual Regulator Plates

**Note that all Govnah Gas blocks already come with TWO regulator plates: (1) *Milspec and (1) Extra Gas plate (or two custom if you order a ‘custom’ 2 or 3 position). So you only need to order individual plates if you are changing configurations, tinkering etc..

  • * “Milspec” plate – the term Milspec is referencing use with Milspec ammo (M193/M855), buffer spring (Sprinco White Standard Power) and buffer (H2) it is not referencing the plate itself
  • Extra gas plate – for use with weaker ammo, stronger springs or heavier buffer
  • Custom plates – you determine the configuration you need, see link for more details
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Baby Govnah – NON-Adjustable ‘U drill your port’ Low Profile Gas Block

Introducing the ‘Baby Govnah’ – the low cost simple solution to correct an over-gassed barrel.
Some people have gone through the trouble of buying a 16″ barrel since they typically have smaller gas ports then chopping them down/re-threading to a shorty of around 10.3″ or 11.5″ etc just to get the port size down.
This is for those of you that don’t care to have an adjustable gas block but do need to reduce the size of your gas port and you know what port size you need.

Again, the Baby Govnah is NOT adjustable. You must drill it out to your specifications.

The Baby Govnah is ‘Blacktrided’ by H&M Metal Processing which is Ferritic Nitrocarburizing.

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Govnah Equipped Match Grade Barrels

Introducing suppressor ready barrels that have been tuned for optimal performance.
Comes with a 3 position regulator plate by default with the following configuration:
Left – Optimal Unsuppressed – for use with quality ammunition
Middle – Suppressed
Right – Adverse – for use when gun is too dirty to run quality ammunition. Also use this position with lower pressure ammunition. Has been reported to work with Simunitions and frangibles without having to resort to buffer or spring changes.

If you would prefer a two position regulator or different configuration, please contact us.

Only one regulator plate is provided with barrel/Govnah combo since everything is already pre-tuned.

Please click here for more details on these barrels.

***Please contact us if you are interested in complete uppers (minus BCG and charging handle).  We have MI SSK rails of various lengths on hand as well as some Troy VTAC 11″ Rails which work well with the 12.5″ barrels (not many options out there in that length).
Upper receivers are standard M4 flat tops.
Again, price below is for barrel and Govnah only. Contact us for upper pricing since it will vary based on what rail you choose***


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